Blackout Roller Blinds : Buying and Decoration Guide

If the sneaky rays of the morning sun coming through the window destroy your morning sleep, then probably you need some blinds to block your window. Several types of research show that a dark environment is good for your morning sleep. Blinds can be of great help in scenarios where you don’t want the light to enter your room.

Maybe you want a calm and peaceful morning sleep, maybe you want to watch a movie using a projector in your home, maybe you work the night shift and need to sleep in the daytime or you may want to see your computer screen without any interruption of unwanted lights. For these cases, you need to install blinds on your windows.

How to choose : Roller Blinds Buyers Guide

Those who are not used to power tools may find installing a roller blind hectic. But it is not scary as it seems. Here we are going to help you to install a roller blind. But, first things first. You need to purchase the right roller blind for your window. Here’s how you can buy the right roller blind:


Decide the location.

First of all, decide where do you want to mount the roller blind. Do you want to set the blind inside the recess or outside the recess? Usually, most people set their blinds inside the recess. If you set the blind inside the window cutout, that will result in an elegant look.


Take measurements.

Take a measurement of the window correctly with a measurement tape. Measure the length (height) and the width of the window by holding the measuring tape straight across the window. Do not hold the tape at any odd angle. If you decide to mount the blind inside the recess, then make sure to take measurements within the window cutout. And if you opt for an outside mounted blinds, then take a couple of inches extra in all the sides over the window borderline.


Figure out the numbers.

Write down the record of the numbers that you have got by measuring the window.

Find out the one that fits.

The blackout roller blinds differ in color, design, size etc. Order the one that fits within your required criteria and window size.

Decoration: How to Put up a Roller Blind

As we mentioned before, you might find installing a roller blind scary. But hear me out, it is so simple and requires a little to zero prior experience. You can easily install a roller blind by following the steps below.

Hold on, you need some tools to install a roller blind. First of all, you need a drill, a drill bit, some 4mm screws, some wall plugs and a screwdriver. Make sure that the drill bit is the same size as the screws. Now go through the following steps.


Clear the surroundings. 

By “clearing the surroundings” I mean check if there are any obstacles like bed, table, chair, vases or something else which might cause trouble while installing the blind. If there is any, move it anywhere else for a while. That will surely bring ease to the installation process.


Select the location.

Choose the location where you want to put up the blind. Look for any obstacles i.e. handles or lockers in the window. To avoid any bump or flex on the blind, skip the amount of depth that is blocked by the handle. Mark the place where you will mount the brackets. Also, mark the holes where the screws will be pushed in.


Drill and install the brackets.

Insert the drill bit in the drill machine properly. Then drill the wall where you have marked previously. Then insert the wall plugs in the holes. After that, install a bracket with the screws. You can use either of the brackets on any side. But keep in mind that the bracket with a circle in the center is the idle end and the bracket with a cross in the center is the control end. So use the control end where you prefer the controller to be. Install both of the brackets carefully.


Install the roller blind.

At this point, you are moments away from the blind being installed. Just take the roller blind and put the control end in the control end bracket hole. Then give the roller blind a little bit of push to the outer side and snap the other side in the other bracket hole.


Install a clip for child safety.

Now have a look if the blind is working perfectly. Use a clip for child safety. To install the child safety clip, pull down the controller cord or chain and put it in the loop of the clip and then screw it on the wall. Wrap any loose ends around the clip to avoid any kind of unwanted occurrences that might be caused by children or pets.

Alright, we are done with putting up a roller blind. Follow the same guidelines for outside the recess mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are blackout roller blinds?

A: Usually blackout blinds are referred to the blinds that block all the light that enters any room through the window. Blinds are usually made of opaque fabrics which are rolled inside a cassette. When the roller is pulled down, it blocks the incoming light rays that come through the edges.

Q: Do blackout roller blinds actually work?

A: Yes, they do. Not all the blackout roller blinds can block 100% of the incoming light, but the ones that are made of good quality opaque fabrics can do the job quite nicely.

Q: How long a roller blind lasts?

A: A good quality roller blind usually lasts more than a decade in ideal conditions. The overall longevity depends on the weather, usage, maintenance and care.

Q: What are the differences between shades and blinds?

A: Shades are made of soft fabrics and incoming light can pass through them. On the other hand, blinds are made of thick opaque fabrics and sometimes wood, bamboo, aluminum, vinyl slats etc. and light cannot pass through them. These two may or may not use the same mechanism. Shades are a good choice if you need both light and privacy, but for blocking the incoming lights, the blinds are the way to go.

A peaceful morning sleep, privacy, a big-screen movie- whatever you need, to blackout your room, installing blackout roller blinds is a good solution. So it is important to invest in a good blackout blind.


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