Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Venetian Blinds

Who doesn’t love simplicity? The peace of mind that a simple home provides you is beyond any explanation. But for the place where you live, simplicity is not the only concern. You need privacy, you need calmness.
Wooden Venetian blinds can be a great solution for this purpose. These are also great for blocking lights and getting an organic look and feel in your bedroom.
Wooden Venetian Blinds Buyers Guide
There is a wide range of varieties in Venetian blinds. They can be made of aluminium, plastic or wood. Now you might be thinking about which one you should choose among these three. Well, we’ve got your back.
Wooden Venetian blinds are good for those rooms where there isn’t a lot of moisture. Moisture isn’t good for wooden materials or furniture. For oily and moisture places like the kitchen, you should consider aluminium or plastic Venetian blinds. Plastic Venetian blinds are good when you need a pop of colour in a room. If you have set your mind to getting wooden Venetian blinds, then here’s a few factors that you should consider depending on your needs.
Real Wood Vs Faux Wood
Real wooden blinds are made from real wood that is collected from natural wood slats. Real wooden blinds are a good choice because of their natural look and robustness. As they are lighter than faux woods, you can choose them for larger windows.
On the contrary, faux woods, as the name suggests are made of composite woods, vinyl or PVC. In terms of look and feel, they represent a good resemblance of wood. They are comparatively cheaper than the real wooden Venetian blinds. These are also easy to clean and water-resistant. That’s why these are great for bathrooms and kitchens.
Window View
How much is the view from the window is important to you? If it’s something you prioritize, then you should consider getting a blind with a larger slat size. There is a certain range of slat sizes. You can choose which one fits with you the most.
Hold on, there’s a tradeoff of choosing larger slat sized blinds. When you are choosing a Venetian blind with larger slats, you are sacrificing privacy. When the blind is opened, you are getting more of your interior to be seen from the outside.
Cord or Tape
There is a ladder cord in the wooden Venetian blinds. To lessen the light filtering from the holes of the cord, there is a decorative tape option. The holes of the ladder cord are covered by tape. It is a personal preference whether you want it or not.
The reflectivity of the Exterior
If you live in an area where the sun shines hotly in the summer, you don’t want the heat of the sun to enter your room. In this case, you should choose the blind with a reflective exterior. The rays of the sun will reflect and won’t enter your room.
How to Put up a Wooden Venetian Blind
Installing a Venetian blind is quite a straightforward process. You can put up a wooden Venetian blind without any trouble simply by following the steps below. You need some tools to install a Venetian blind. These are a drill, a drill bit, 4mm screws, wall plugs, screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil, brackets and the blind itself.
Measure the window size
First of all, measure your window size. Here’s how you can measure your window for the perfect size of a wooden Venetian blind.
Decide where you want to put up the blind. Inside the recess or outside the recess. For inside the recess mount, take the measurement from the inside of the recess. For outside mount, take measurements from outside the recess. Take 3-4 cm extra on each side to avoid any kind of light bleeding through the side of the window. Take both length (height) and width of the place. Order the right side of the blind.
Install the Brackets
There are two different types of brackets in a set. One with a circle in the centre and the other with a cross in the centre. The circle-centred one is the idle side and the other one is the control side. To install the brackets, take a bracket and hold it in the wall where you want it to set. Then mark on the wall through the holes of the bracket. Do the same for the other one too.
Make sure the distance between the two brackets is the same as the width of the blind.
Drill the Wall
Take the drill bit and insert it into the drill machine. Keep in mind that the drill bit should be the same sized as the screws (4mm). Now drill the wall where you marked with the pencil previously.
Insert the Wall Plugs
Insert the wall plugs in the holes that you have made with the drill.
Install the Brackets
Hold a bracket in the wall. Insert the screws in the hole and tighten them with the screwdriver. Do the same for the other bracket.
Install the Blind
To install the blind, take the blind firmly and put the idle end in the idle brackets’ hole. Then push it a little bit and put the other side (control end) in the control end bracket.
Install Child Safety Clip
There is a p-shaped clip that is installed so that kids or pets can’t reach out the chain or the pull cord. So if you have children or pets, you should install a child safety clip. To do so, drill the wall where you want it to install (1.5 meters above the floor recommended), then insert the wall plugs and then just take the cord and put the loop of it in the clip and screw the clip into the wall. And doing this, we are done with installing a Venetian blind.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I clean a Venetian blind?
A: We recommend using a piece of soft cloth to clean the light dust of a wooden Venetian blind. For more sturdy dirt, you can use a solution using water and vinegar or soap. Dip a cloth or a sock in the mixture and rub the blind mildly.
Q: Why should I choose the wooden Venetian blind over the others?
A: A wooden blind is less heat-conductive than other materials like aluminium, PVC or vinyl. So in the winter lesser heat goes outside from the inside of your house. And in the summer, the excessive heat of the sun doesn’t come inside of your house. Thus, wooden Venetian blinds can save energy.
Q: How long do the wooden Venetian blinds last?
A: Depends on the weather. If you live in humid weather, there is less chance of the blind lasting long. But in good weather and good care, it can last up to 8-10 years.
A wooden Venetian blind is a nice addition to your window while maintaining the natural look and feel. The wide variety of styles and colours can fit well whether you prefer the modern or classic interior style. If the energy efficiency comes with low maintenance, then why not?

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