How to Put Up a Sunscreen Roller Blind – A Complete Guideline

Have you ever thought that the rays could cause harm to your furniture? Yes, the rays of the sun contain UV radiation that can damage your furniture and floor. Sunscreen roller blinds are those kinds of blinds that prevent the UV rays of the sun from entering your house.
Though the main purpose of the sunscreen roller blinds is to prevent UV rays, these come with some extra benefits. For example, these blinds provide superb privacy during the daytime.
Sunscreen Roller Blinds Buying Guide
You can find a lot of varieties in the roller blinds market. To figure out the one that fits your needs is hectic to some degree. Well, here we are to make that easy for you. You need to get the one that ticks all your needs. Here are a few things that you need to consider before ordering a sunscreen roller blind.
Single or Double
The name says it all. The single sunscreen roller blind makes the best use of a single layer of fabric while the double one comes with a dual-layer of fabrics. One for blackout shade and the other one lets some light enter your room. The double-layer sunscreen roller gives you the flexibility to choose whether you want some light or entirely blackout in your room.
During the daytime, you can see the outside to some degree. But in the nighttime, the case is the opposite. The interior of your room can be seen from the outside. So, if this is your concern, then it’s a good idea to spend some more money and get the double one. By doing so, you can enjoy your privacy and have the ultimate peace of mind.
Color and Design
There is a wide range of color, designs and patterns printed on the fabric of the blinds. Choose the one that suits well with the overall look and environment of your room. Color and design come down to personal preferences.
Openness Factor
As the name suggests, the openness factor means how much light do you want to enter in your room. This factor is indicated by a percentage. Usually, there are 3%, 5% and 10% open sunscreen roller blinds. This simply means that a 3% sunscreen roller blind will let 3% of the sunlight enter your room and the rest 97% will be blocked by the blind. The same goes for the others.
The more percentage means that more light will enter your room. So if you opt for a higher percentage of blinds, your room will be more visible from the outside. So try to keep the balance between your privacy and visibility. We suggest getting a 5% roller blind in this case.
Type of Control
To raise and lower the blind, there is a controlling mechanism. Usually, there are three different mechanisms of control. Spring, chain and motorized. Spring operated controls doesn’t require any cord or chain. That’s why it is safe for houses with children or pets.
Chain operated blinds use a chain made of stainless steel or plastic for raising and lowering the roller blind. The chains are risky for kids and pets. Though the risk can be reduced by using a child safety clip.
Motorized controls use a motor to raise and lower the blind. Motorized controls can be suitable for those who want to automate their homes. Like spring controls, motorized controls also don’t have any chain or cord. That’s why it is also safe for kids and pets.
How to Put up a Sunscreen Roller Blind
Installing a roller blind isn’t something of rocket science. It is so easy that almost anyone can do it. You don’t need to hire someone to set up a roller blind. It’s like a DIY thing. Here’s how you can do it yourself:
Gather the required tools and instruments. A drill, a drill bit, a screwdriver, some screws (4mm), some wall plugs, a pencil, brackets and the blind itself.
First, take a bracket and hold it on the wall where you want to put it up. Then mark with the pencil around the border of the bracket and the holes. Do the same for the other bracket.
Then drill the holes where you have marked. Make sure the drill bit and the screws are the same sized. After drilling, insert the wall plugs.
Hold a bracket again in the position where you have marked before with the pencil. Insert the screws and tighten them with the screwdriver. Do the same for the remaining bracket.
Now take the blind and put its idle end in the idle end bracket. Push a little bit towards the outside and then snap the other side in the control end.
Congrats! Your roller blind has been installed successfully.
If you have opted for a chain controlled roller blind, then use the child safety clip. For this, take the loop and enter it in the clip and screw it in the wall above the reach of the kids and pets.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I clean a sunscreen roller blind?
A: You can use normal dishwashing liquid or laundry soap for washing a sunscreen roller blind.
Q: Can I see through roller blinds at night from outside?
A: If the light is turned on then the inside of the room might be seen to some degree. But this is not a clear view. On the other hand, if you want to see from the inside, it is impossible to see outside if there is no light outside of your house.
Q: How can I let the light enter and keep privacy at the same time?
A: Go for lower opacity sunscreen roller blinds, this will allow some light to enter your room while maintaining privacy.
Q: How can I protect my furniture from discolouration?
A: Use a sunscreen roller blind which will filter out the UV ray of the sun and protect your furniture and floor from being discoloured.
Privacy is a basic human necessity. If you want privacy along with some natural light in your bedroom, then investing in a good sunscreen roller blind is a no brainer. No matter which type of blind you choose, choosing a good one is certainly worth the money.
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