How to decorate your home with blackout curtains 

Are you planning to buy curtains? Then what do you prefer, style or comfort? We say, why not both? Blackout curtains are made for those who want both fashion and comfort at a time.  So here are the 10 most amazing ideas on how to decorate your home with blackout curtains. 

People often think that blackout curtains are massive fabric pieces that lock the light and keep the room in dark. But the fact is blackout curtains block noise and save energy. And aside from utility, blackout curtains have also become a fashion statement. Especially when people are investing more energy and time into learning how they can match furniture and interior decoration. 

So today, we’re bringing 10 fresh blackout curtain ideas straight, to let you know how to decorate your home with blackout curtains. 

Why do people prefer blackout curtains? 

They filter out the light

Do your young children wake up at the crack of dawn? Then the summer months probably don’t help the situation when the daylight comes at around 5 am. Similarly, for those who are shift workers or take naps during the day, it’s essential to set the right ambience to have restful sleep. Here blackout curtains help to keep the room darker even longer. They block light from entering the room. Also, in the winter months, they help to block out the glare of streetlights and  allow a rested and peaceful night’s sleep.

Filter out unwanted noise

Blackout curtains also help to reduce  unwanted noise from outside of the room.  Because they tend to be made from heavier, thicker fabrics and are also lined at the back. Again this is helpful for those people who are working at unusual hours. And where outside disturbances are a more frequent problem.  Blackout curtains won’t block all the noise but they can be used for noisy disturbances.

They are energy Saving

Surprisingly, one-third of energy loss when generating and converting heat occurs through the windows. You can heat and cool your home by investing in blackouts. Because they do a great job at reducing that thermal loss.

They also help to insulate during the winter months.  And can keep the heat of the sun out of your home during the summer days, too.

There are several worthwhile benefits of these blackout curtains. So they can be an extremely good choice according to your families’ needs.

How to decorate your home with blackout curtains

  1. Make a  Horizontal Duo

Do you want your curtains to upgrade from a monochromatic blackout curtain to one that features more colors? This is yet an elegant option for decoration. For example, those curtains which have a large horizontal stripe on the bottom as well as a plain cream shade on the top, add style to the room. Even they look classy without being too imposing.

  1. Ruched Rush

For elegant rooms, ruched blackout curtains in a pure white color feature a rich texture. Where light colors are considered most predominant. Curtains that are made from cotton voile and polyester, can adorn both modern and vintage type rooms.

  1. Sun Zero 

Do you want to create a wonderful visual effect in the room? Then surely go for white horizontal stripes. That curtain which has a rather unexplainable appeal would certainly look great in a bedroom with a set of silk sheets.  It will give a great touch to the minimalist rooms, as the stripes add width.

  1. Caramel Curtain decoration 

 The milk chocolate/caramel blackout curtain will look both sweet and stylish. Also, try to add accents on the border to make the entire ensemble complete.  This color will feel so sober but elegant. 

  1. Lines & Swirls

Lines and swirls may sound simple. But you can’t imagine how gorgeous this combination is. A navy background will also add a lot of different patterns. And swirls in squares can make a curtain modern and add existence to the room.

  1. Tassel Hassle

Wanna have a great romantic theme room? Then we will suggest a  simple and stunning blackout curtain that makes the room dark. This idea is also perfect for both small and large windows.  

  1. Playful Tassels

For a lite theme, choose tassels on the overlay. Because they are playful and very elegant at the same time. These can be matched with floral and damask wallpapers. They can also go with brown or red upholstery.

  1. Delicate Lace

Are you a lace lover who wants feminine and sweet curtains? Then you will surely adore delicate lace.  They are elegant without being too overloaded with color and details.  You can choose a floral print for a subtle look.    Because it makes a perfect addition for a master bedroom or a dining room that has light furniture.

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  1. Velvet Blue Curtains 

A  fine piece of embroidered velvet curtain can change the entire room.   Choose a curtain with small tassels which adorn the inner edges and have a velvet look to it. No doubt, it is coming out of an elegant curtain. Which would fit perfectly into a room with upholstery just as well.

  1. Work of Art

An embroidered blackout curtain with authentic artwork will draw the attention of every guest. These types of curtains add a lot of weight to the room.  Rooms with massive furniture are best for this decoration. 

No matter what, blackout curtains will always have their utility.  However, there is always a time when you want so badly to sleep during the day.  That is when blackout curtains mostly prove their worth. And when it comes to looks,  blackout curtains will be your finest purchase.  

Hope now there’s no confusion about how to decorate your home with blackout curtains.   Was there any idea that you fancied in particular, out of all the 10 we’ve shown you today? Then go for it! And let us know how effective our ideas were. 

FAQ on blackout curtains 

Which fabrics are best for blackout curtains?   

The blackout curtains are usually made from densely woven fabric.  Thick cotton or polyester would be the best fabric for blackout curtains. 

Are blackout curtains expensive? 

Yes, Blackout curtains are a bit expensive than non-blackout fabrics. 

Can blackout curtains keep the room cool

Blackout curtains can provide an immediate soothing effect on a room.  Blocking out light, and the tightly woven fabric also provides insulation. So, the rooms get warmer in winter and cooler on summer days.  

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