Want to decorate your home/Institute with blinds?

Thinking of decorating the home/Institute with Curtains or Blinds, but Corona can’t get out of the pendamic situation. Can’t figure out what to do. Now the days of all your thoughts are over. Tell us your idea, we will decorate your house with curtains or blinds. In this blog we will discuss only about blinds. … Read more

Wooden Blinds: Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Generally speaking, window blinds refer to anything that is used to cover the windows for comfort and privacy. There are other blinds which are called shutters, roller shades, cellular shades (also called honeycomb shades), wooden blinds (also called 2-inch horizontals). Wooden blinds are also called Venetians as this term is traditionally associated with the Romans … Read more

Best roman blinds for your windows

Recently I have completed my new house and am thinking of using roman blinds to beautify the house. What kind of roman blinds would be easier to use? How to choose the best roman blinds for windows? Most of the time we face such a question. How do you choose the best? Isn’t the matter really confusing? Especially when … Read more

Blackout Roller Blinds : Buying and Decoration Guide

If the sneaky rays of the morning sun coming through the window destroy your morning sleep, then probably you need some blinds to block your window. Several types of research show that a dark environment is good for your morning sleep. Blinds can be of great help in scenarios where you don’t want the light … Read more