Blackout curtains with wooden box

We have wooden boxes with simple design and all blackout Curtain in attractive colors. Why take this product from us? Find out what kind of service you are getting from us.

1. Affordable price
2. Attractive design
3. Home delivery service
4. Prepared in size as per demand
5. Place the prepared screen in your designated place
6. Provide 24 hours service
7. Own trailer and fixing man
8. Timely delivery with own car
9. Get all kinds of Curtain and Blinds at affordable prices
10. Our location is Dragonmart-1 in Dubai International City.

Come to our world today to get all the Curtain and Blinds home delivery as per your demand. If you do not want to order online, go directly to shop number HBO-03,05,14,17 of Dragonmart-1 in Dubai International City.

Online we deliver products with fidelity. Contact us on WhatsApp to get online product delivery from us. Contact us on WhatsApp +971 55 557 3505.

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